THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Monday, June 14, 2010

30 Days of Me—Day 12

Day 12—Whatever Tickles My Fancy

First of all so happy I have a second to post (thank you Word 2007). Well this has been an incredibly emotional few days. The graduation, the move, and the friends that came from out of town for the graduation. I am so happy that so many people care for my son and wanted to share his special day. I will, I promise blog about it as soon as I catch my breath. I would like to say thanks for all the congrats on twitter and facebook and from blog friends..Special thanks for Nadine and Tracey who really made sure I wasn't losing it and for Tracey, all I can say is like I told you ..Bring tissue, lots of tissue (her daughter graduates this week). Today we spent the whole day packing up our apartment and cleaning it so we can turn it over in the morning and get on the road for our trip. We cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more. Our car was not picked up as promised and no worries, I will be smearing the name of the company in upcoming post..A happy customer tells about 5 people, an unhappy one tells 100's and thanks to twitter and blogger and facebook well…I can tell much more.

It was tough today watching my son with his girlfriend, they were helping clean and pack and well, I see the heartache in both their faces, you know how it is..Young love. I know they are smart kids and will find their way in their futures, likely drift apart. Ugh…this life can be so tough on the kids. I really didn't get to say good bye to my friends but they know me and I never say goodbye, I hate that word, words..I always say, See you later.

So let me take a second to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARMY!! AND HAPPY FLAG DAY!! I have learned so much about the Army from all my milspouse friends so I couldn't pass on a chance to say…HOOAH!


Renee said...

It was such a bitter-sweet day for you! Congratulations on raising-up a fine young man. I feel so bad for he and his girlfriend - young love, indeed.

Good luck with your move! Keep us posted!

A Sailor's Wife said...

A new adventure awaits you! :)

TheAlbrechtSquad said...