THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."
- Arabian Proverb

"Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light."
- Helen Keller

Never give in... never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force... never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy. ~Winston Churchill



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How About a Little Perspective

OK, yesterday there was a very HEATED comment thread on a blog called "Semper Spouse". A blog I happen to like and appreciated the ladies for taking their time and talent to get together a group of people going through similar experiences. One of the bloggers on the site, in frustration posted a blog about OPSEC. In all honesty lets not pretend that all of us at one time or another haven't felt the same frustrations. She chose to blog about them, she never once in my opinion actually violated OPSEC. I went back to re-read the post and the post was full of some of the meanest comments I have read on a fellow milspouse blog. I think it was out of line, of course that is my opinion, she didn't divulge anyone husbands locations, names, or anything to warrant such hateful comments. What could have happened and what should have happened is we as fellow bloggers could have talked her down, reminded her the importance of OPSEC and emphasize with her about what she was feeling. Why are some woman so damn mean to other woman? This isn't a milspouse problem, this is a woman problem. Since everyone that was bashing her practices such great OPSEC there was no way she could have put your husband in danger nor do I think she would have anyhow. Lets be honest here, this isn't WW 1 or 2. Our troops are not all over the European Continent closing in on the Nazis, everyone knows where our troops are, turn on CNN, Fox, log on the Militarys own websites, read any base paper sitting outside any gas station or Walmart and you will get more information than you would think possible. Yes, loss lips sinks ships, and we should strongly practice OPSEC and PERSEC. If you chose not to share your base, your hubs name that is your personal right but it certaintly isn't breaking OPSEC. If you divuldge specific movement dates, areas of operations and things specific in nature you are violating OPSEC. I have been doing this awhile, I have been to many OPSEC briefs, I understand the importance. As I was reading the comments on the Semper Spouses blog all I could do is shake my head and feel a huge dissapointment for some of my fellow milspouse bloggers. Some of them with blogs I LOVE, some I know can be supportive and most that have ranted a few times themselves. Semper Spouse blogs is down now, I really hope it wasn't because of the mess that happened yesterday. Please remember, you can use the comment box to educate and impart wisdom. You don't have to attack someone that obviously was feeling a bit rattled and frustrated. We get enough bullshit from the civilian community about our lives, about what our husbands do lets try to be more tolerant with one another. That is my 2 cents on the matter.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amboy Road

If you have ever been stationed in 29 Palms and have taken Amboy Rd you will recognize these pics. I have seen this "desert art" out here since I was a teenager staying with my sister here when her hubs was stationed here. I went out to take some pics to share. I know art is subjective and beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I grew up in Philadelphia. This same thing in the city I find offensive to the eye, but out here in the middle of the desert there is just something different about it...strange I know but it is what it is.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Milspouse Friday Fill in #5

1. Besides the horizontal mambo, what do you miss most when your spouse is deployed?
Having my best friend to talk too. Having my biggest fan tell me that I can do whatever it is I am trying to do. My husband tells me he loves me and I know it, and I feel it every day. I still feel it when he is gone but I just miss his warmth and hugs and how when he holds my hand I feel safe, like nothing can hurt me, ever.
2. What do you miss least?
There is nothing I miss least. That sounds nuts maybe but honestly I can’t think of one thing he does that I am happy he isn’t here doing it.
3. You only get three crayons to finish your picture… which three do you choose and why?
I have no clue..that is a good one. Let me take a shot. I would pick green, my hubs and sons favorite colors, and I would pick pink, since I am the only girl in the house and I kind of love that, and silver to paint my silver lining I am always looking for.
4. If you could have your own fragrance, what would it be called?
This is Me.
5. If the shoes make the man (or woman), what do your shoes say about you right now?
Right now I am barefooted, we are moving into our new house and this is the first time I have had my shoes off and I am feeling pretty good, relaxed and happily moved in to our home.


Moving In Day

Monday, July 19, 2010

Milspouse Friday Fill in #4

1. What food reminds you of your spouse?
Vienna Sausage. He loves them, I don't. But great to put in his care packages!

2. Who would you rather sit next to in a cross-country plane ride: an irritating non-stop talker, or a quiet stare-er?
Neither, I sit next to my hubs or son, rarely fly alone and when I have I prefer to be

3. What are your best tips on how to save money?
Oh shop on line …..Old Navy, Nordstrom’s, Macy’s. They have the best clearance on line, things you never find in stores.

4. What is your favorite summer memory?
Well as a kid it would be playing on the play street as a kid. I grew up in the city. So during the summer they would designate some streets play streets and close them and our street was usually always picked. As a grown up, whenever we take our summer leave and just do anything together, rare treat indeed.

5. Do you believe in ghosts?
Completely. I really don’t want to get into it because it would take forever but completely.


Hello my fellow bloggers/friends/partners in crime!! I am back!! Feel like I have been gone forever, I have so many post to catch up on. I miss you all and reading about what has been going on in your lives. So here has been my last week.
First, we were called and offered a house on base 5 months ahead of schedule and of course we accepted!! So excited! We had just gotten home from a fabulous time in San Diego with some great friends to wonderful news. This past Thursday we went up for our sons orientation at Arizona State and it was really fun, I am so excited for him and all the great opportunities he will have. We were lucky enough to meet his Senior Naval Instructor for his ROTC but the Marine Officer was TDY so we couldn't meet him. I can tell Michael will be up to the challenge of getting this brand new ROTC Unit off the ground with the other new cadets.
My husband was so silly in the book store, honestly I think he purchased every maroon and gold cheesy college knick-knack, t-shirt, cup and decal he could find..even Sparky made it in our car (ASU Mascot).
After we left Tempe we went up to Kingman to visit family and had a great day hanging out with our niece and nephew at the pool and just hanging out and catching up. People that are not military have no idea how precious it is to get to spend any time with your family. Also my nephew (my sisters oldest) was pinned, he is now an Army WO and we are SO proud..I could burst! He is now in flight training for about 2 years and his wife, also Army is heading back for her 6th deployment, yep you heard it 6th!
So that was our last 5 days, busy but exciting all at the same time. We are moving in to our new house on Wednesday and our Internet is getting all hooked up on Thursday and I have lots of pics to share. I can't wait to get it all done, our shipment comes Friday so you know what we will be doing all weekend.
Man, I really missed you all, and my blog..hope to be blogging more regular in a week or two just wanted to let you all know I am still here!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

lack of photos

Sorry no more photos. We went to hotel for brunch it is gorgeous.  After that we went to my friend's brothers house for a BBQ. It was great lots of margaritas and food. Now I am at the hotel trying to make the room stop spinning.  Had a great time but ready to go home.  

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Hotel DE Coronado

Scary sign


I am going to try to post some random picks from our trip today..I am going to use blogger for my phone, we will see how it looks. We are in San Diego and I am sure there will be some pics worth least from the drunk bbq...have a great weekend

Friday, July 9, 2010

Milspouse Friday Fill in #3

1.What is your favorite household chore?
Laundry, I like doing it folding it, but I do not like putting it away.

2.What is your favorite childhood memory?
Hanging out on the play street with my friends growing up. I grew up in the city and every year they would designate some streets to be blocked off and ours was always one picked and we would just hang out and play under the fire plug.

3.What is your most embarrassing moment?
Not sure I have one, this may be TMI but maybe the first time my cycle started and it was in the summer and I was wearing shorts and I was sitting Indian style and one of the “stupid” boys said, “I see Heidi’s underwear” and I was like, “no you can’t” and he said “yes I can, and you have red butterflies on them” Well of course I was mortified because I knew I had only white panties, thank goodness he was too young to recognize what it was. Ya, that was pretty embarrassing.

4.What uniform of your spouse’s is your favorite?
Hands down, dress blues.

5.What canceled TV show do you miss the most?
Buffy and Angel

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

30 Days Day 27,28

Ok so here it goes, I am not going to bore you all with the details of my month and year in great detail. If you all read my blog you know what I have been up too. The last month has been highs and lows. Son graduated from high school, that could go under both categories. We moved cross country to our new base. All those things are in my blog...same with the last year in great detail. A year ago today my hubs was in A-stan in the first wave of troops President Obama sent in. I won't go into all the losses our battalion suffered, or our own close call, if you read my blog it's all in there. I won't go into the great friends we lost, too soon and miss terribly. Again, it's all in there. Trust me when I tell you it was a crazy year. But I also met some awesome people on twitter and the blogosphere who kept me sane and who I hope to meet in person some day. This life is many things but not often boring. All the changes that were going on when I started my blog are almost past, except all the rest part and I hope there is plenty of that to tell.
On some good news front my hubs found out from housing that we are #10 on the housing list and maybe #5 as of maybe only a few more months wait but I doubt it is 6 like we had originally thought. The internet here at our temp place sucks, I spend most of the time with my droid tethered to my laptop..thank you PDA it. Hope you are all having an awesome day! Oh is my log from my jog tracker..remember this is hiking and half is killer uphill. I will increase it here soon..but kinda proud.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Military Spouse Survey

I came across this on The Mrs's Blog and I thought it was cute so here goes....

Name: Heidi

Age: 40'ish (don't judge, its all cute when your young but when your my age the ish is important)

Sex: as much as possible...ok duh female

Name of Spouse: Greg

Age of Spouse: 30'ish...yep you read that right...

What Branch of the Military is your spouse in? Marine Corps

Have you ever been in the military or are you currently in the military?

If you have ever been or are currently in the military, what branch?see previous answer

Has your spouse ever been deployed, if so, when and where to?
Tons, before the Wars lets see...unaccompanied to Okinawa 6 months, few months to Thailand, Australia, various other places in the world and you can also throw in state side deployments for various training (pre-war) for months at a time. After the Wars started he has 2 and some change to Iraq, and one to Afghanistan and one upcoming.

If your spouse was deployed, how badly did you miss them?Ummm...can't really verbalize it. It sucks so pretty bad I would say.

If your spouse was deployed, how long were they gone for? 7 months for combat tours and varied amounts of time for training leading up too.

If your spouse was deployed, did they get R&R, and if so, what did you do for it? No R&R

Where are you and your spouse currently stationed?
29 Palms

Do you like the benefits you receive as a military dependant? Health care is nice, please don't call it free, it is the most expensive policy in the world paid for by blood, sweat and tears. We don't get money for food, that is for the service member and you will realize it when they go to the field or deploy and you lose it.

Do you appreciate what your spouse's job entails?
My husband has a hard job, a stressful job and I respect the responsibilities.

Do you support your spouse as member of the United States military?

Do you like military life?
Yes, but I only live the easy part, my husband has the hard part, being a spouse of someone in the military contrary to popular belief is not the hardest job in the military.

Do you and your spouse have children, and if so, how many?
One son.

Do you think your spouse looks good in uniform?
He is gorgeous in it and out of it, but the blues are special that is for sure.

Do you think military life is more advanced then civilian life, why or why not?
I don't understand this question.

Do you think your spouse's job in the military is respectable amongst other people in the military?

Do you ever use your spouse's rank to your advantage?
No, not sure if I could if I wanted too. I have no rank.

What do you think about other military spouse's?
I think woman are woman and men are men. You have good ones and bad ones. I think woman have a hard time supporting one another at times and I think that is wrong. I have military spouse friends I adore and civilian spouse friends I adore.

What do you think about people who have gotten out of the military during basic or AIT for reasons on injury?
Not my job to judge...

What do you think about women who get out of the military after becoming pregnant?
No comment

What do you think about people claiming to be gay to get out of the military?
No comment

Did you know that it is military law that you can only have sex with your spouse and only in missionary position, but it is not an enforced law?
I think there are crazy "blue" laws on a lot of books..not just UCMJ..

What would you want civilians to know about the military or military life?
It's harder than it looks.

When you see movies about the military, do you notice when things aren't right?

When your spouse sees movies about the military, do they notice when things aren't right?
Of course! lol

Are you and your spouse currently, or have you ever been stationed to overseas Europe?
Yes we were stationed in Madrid Spain on Embassy Duty.

Where did your spouse go to Basic Training?
My husband went to boot camp at Sandiego

Where did your spouse go to AIT?
Marines don't got to AIT

Do you know where Fort Lewis is, if so, where is it?

Do you know where Fort Benning is, if so, where is it?

Do you know where Fort Hood is, if so, where is it?

Do you think being a military spouse allows you to travel easily?
Once you learn the tricks of Space A it can be easy.

If you and your spouse are stationed away from home, do you miss it?
Our home is where we are together. Do we miss our families? Yes, but home is where the Marine Corps sends us.

Where are you and your spouse originally from?
Philadelphia Pa, and St. Louis

Did either you or your spouse grow up as a military child?
My father was a Marine killed in Vietnam
My husbands father was also a Marine.

If you or your spouse have grown up as a military child, what branches? Marine

Do you have any other military spouses as friends on Blogger?
I follow Milspouses from all branches

30 Days of Me Day 26

Day 26--Your Week in Great detail

Really??? Ah come on these are tough..ok so since this is late I will start from a week ago today...
Last Monday--did my morning hike/walk run. Think I went into town, sent out my sons thank you cards for his graduation.
Tuesday-- Did my hike/walk. Went to the commissary, went to the PX and drove my dad into Yucca.
Ok, you get the picture the whole week was a bunch of errands and phone calls and trying desperately to get settled in our new place. This weekend was kind of different we went to Palm Desert on Saturday, it was hot, oh ya and we ran into my hubs new C.O. and his wife and even though they seemed like awesome people, I kind of like to control those types of meetings if you know what I mean. Not after a long day of sweating walking around shopping and melting, but again they were nice enough so it was only slightly awkward. We watched the base fireworks which were really amazing and I have spent the last week picking cactus spurs out of my poor doggies feet. I guess eventually he will learn not to step on the prickly bushes.
Yesterday we spent the day with my cousin Terry, she lives in Vegas and drove down and it was great to see her, looking forward to going to Vegas and hanging out with her, she works at Ceasars so we always have a great time.
Not too much else to report...really it was pretty uneventful which is good but way too much to spell out in great details, I value my readers too much to do that to you all.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Growing Up in Philadelphia and 4th of July

Being born and raised in Philadelphia I have to admit, we kind of take all this 4th of July stuff in stride. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE it, and its a big deal as you can see by the fireworks display above and you would be hard pressed to find a neighborhood in Philadelphia that isn't all out celebrating today. Thing is this, when you are raised in Philadelphia you are raised around the whispers and history of our fore fathers and every year for your class trips you go to all the places you read about in history books. Independence Hall, Betsey Ross's House, Liberty Bell, and so many other places that play such an important part in this day. It's in your blood, you know the stories by heart, you walk the streets these brave men walked when they went in to sign our Declaration, I say ours because that is what it was, they weren't doing it for them, they were doing it for us. They knew they were signing their death warrants but knew they were going to make this country a place for us to be free.

“I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master.” Thomas Jefferson

I am proud to be born an American, to be from a family that has shed blood for it's freedom. I am proud to know men and woman who feel as strongly as I do that she (America)is worth dying for.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 25: Your day, in great detail

Day 25: Your day, in great detail
OK skipped this yesterday in lieu of Milspouse fill-in#2. I am determined to complete this 30 Days of me since I am not a quitter so here goes. Even though it is only 1822 (6:22pm) I will do it since I won't feel like it later and not much else is going to happen today. I hope.
So got up this morning at 7am and went for my run/walk/hike. I am proud of myself for doing this since last night we all went out for our individual PT and as usual hubs circled back around for me at around 7pm, so I really did 2 pt sessions in 12 hours. I know a mile and a half doesn't seem like much but I must get a pic of the walk back up the is steep and a bit of a killer. My son sprinted past me like a gazelle but you know what, I am proud of him and he is 18 and a pt stud so I didn't even feel bad. As I outed myself in my blog I think it was Monday not sure I have already shed 5 pounds as of yesterday and I am so proud of myself. I also ordered a new kettle bell work-out that is a bit along the p90x work out but you just use a kettle bell..anyway..back to my day in great did I get off track....
OK so after getting home and having my coffee and breakfast I woke up the the hubs so we could get ready to go get my dad and go to Palm Desert to check it out. My son was already awake. We left the house about 930 and went to pick up my dad and before heading to Palm Desert we hit Walgreens in Yucca.
We got to Palm Desert and had lunch at Baja Fresh, really recommend it, I had chicken fajita and it was really good. After that we hit the Borders book store and Bath and Body Works were I picked up some smell good for the house, I love scents and I wanted some lavender smell good for the bedroom. We left Palm Desert after checking out some of the shops and went to Walmart for a few things and after that we took my dad back home and went to base so my son could look for a game but couldn't find it. Oh ya and I forgot to mention while in Palm Desert I sent my son over to the Post Office to mail back a netflix and a gamefly and thank you card and guess what he did..he put it in the FED-EX box..ugh, so lets hope the fed-ex guy puts it in the mail box for us..
Now we are home and we are doing some laptop work, I sent out some cards, returned some emails, forwarded a good one I got from my BIL and now updating my blog. All I have left to do is laundry and I am midway through. So that has been my great detail..How is your day going??

Friday, July 2, 2010

Milspouse Friday Fill in #2

1.Tell us about your dream job. My dream job would be working with Marines and their families. I love to research and I love to find solutions. I think a lot of what Marines and their families want most of the times are just that, “answers”. Not sure in what capacity, maybe as a FRO (Family Readiness Officer) or just working with Family Services. I have held a few jobs in my life that were along these lines and would like to get back to it. I honestly think if you have a job you love you never work a day in your life.

2.What is your most prized material possession (kids and pets don’t count!)? Wow, that is a tough one. I would have to say my photos as well. All those memories of my life, our lives, our travels. But if I were to lose them I would still have the memories. It would be those or an initial ring my mother gave me when was 11 for my birthday, I still wear it and it is so special, I won’t go in to great detail but it is pretty much a part of my physical body at this point.

3.What has been your favorite duty station and why? Hands down, Lomé, Togo. We went there on Embassy Duty. It was the most fantastic place to go. Not for any of the reasons you would think, it was dirty, people were poor and there was really nothing to do. It is very third world or as they say a country on the road to development. I learned so much about myself there and what is important and because of the lack of outside distractions we made some lifelong friends there. We are still very close with the Marines we were with there and the State Department friends we made there as well. Africa is like nowhere else, I recommend if you can ever go, you should. I also had one of those “dream jobs” there.

4.What is your least favorite household chore? Well I am not sure if it can be considered a chore, but I don’t see why it isn’t. FOOD SHOPPING. Not only do I not like the shopping part I really hate the putting away the food part. Most of the time my hubs and son will relieve me from that crappy part but still cannot stand it.

5. If you could give one piece of advice to a teenager today (not specifically a MilTeen), what would it be? Oh I like this one, here is what we always told our son. The world doesn't owe you anything. You will work hard for the things you have or you won't have anything. In the real world you don't get trophies because you showed up, you will get a paycheck if your lucky and it may not be enough to pay for all the cool toys you want. Don't expect people to pat you on the back and tell you what a great job you are doing, although that would be nice and should happen at times sometimes it won't. Your fulfilment will come from YOU knowing you did a great job. Work hard, try and do what you love and remember, life isn't fair and that sucks sometimes.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

30 Days of Me--Day 24

Day 24--Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

OK, so we have been here in 29 Palms for about 2 weeks. We are not in base housing, not sure when we will be. We don't know how long we will be able to hold off our shipment from being delivered or how long we will be waiting for housing (6 months). But all that withstanding I must say this. I am so content here. Maybe it is because my hubs and I met in the desert, maybe because the heat is so dry and I hate humidity, maybe it is enjoying these last months with our son before he is off to college. I am not sure what it is, maybe it is waking each morning surrounded mountains and it is just beautiful. I am not sure if it is any one thing in particular or just the combination of all these things but it feels good to feel good...