THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Monday, August 2, 2010


OK so things around here are getting back to semi-normal. I say that because I managed to unpack all the boxes that were blocking our upstairs hallway and it looks "normal" I say semi because it is a bit misleading considering we have A LOT of boxes hiding in the garage. But that's OK, I can't see them so it allows me to be in denial a bit longer. I have all the stuff I need, until I need something and I realize it must be buried in the plethora of boxes in the garage..UGH.
This weekend my husband finally went out and purchased himself a new truck, I am so happy he finally did because honestly, the guy never does anything strictly for himself and this is something he has been talking about doing for a long time and he wanted a nice truck, you know all the bells and whistles and well he got one! I kind of had to strong arm him into getting it but its done.
On another note, our son is leaving for college in 2 weeks and I haven't really had a second to sit with this and let it sink in, I think if I do I might break down and I really want to keep it together for him, it will break his heart if he sees me sad and thinks he is the cause of it. We spent some time last week together at Universal Studios and we had the best day, it was worth more to me than diamonds and gold or anything in the world, just a day with him to myself. His dad spent the day with him yesterday, they went out and played with their guns at the range..not my kind of fun but I know they had a blast.
I really just wanted to check in and let you all know a little about what has been going on. Your blogs have been great as usual, I try to keep up a few times a week to see what is going on with everyone, I know everyone is busy with getting kids ready to go back to school and doing their own PCS'ing. Ah..gotta love the summer.


LCpl'sPrincess said...

Oh gosh H, my mom lost it in the parking lot saying good bye, I think she cried even on the drive to college and the week after, its completely natural and the misery will pass! Hang in there! I dont remember where you said he is going to college, but will yall be going to tailgate at football games etc?

USMCWIFE said...

Thanks, I bet your mom had a hard time, I think it is harder too with daughters for some reason but I wouldn't know since all I have is a son. I love this kid so much, like they say "when you decide to have a child you decided to walk around with your heart outside your body" and its true. He is going to Arizona State so he will be 5 hours away so not too bad. We want to give him his space and wings but if he says the word we will be there for sure.
Thanks for the encouraging words. I am sure you will be here with me through all the "growing apart" pains.

SemperWifey said...

We have boxes all over our house, too. The ones that have been unpacked moved to the garage to be broken down for recycling. I feel like it never ends!

USMCWIFE said...

We decided not to kill ourselves unpacking, we have the essentials so we will get it

Anonymous said...

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USMCWIFE said...

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