THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I'm Still Out Here.....I Promise

Oh my poor blog, how I have neglected you. I am still here, I promise. I may have lost all my readers by now and for that I am sorry...I love you all....well all of you that aren't trolls (smile) and I have been neglectful. I started this blog to help myself get through some big life changes, hence the title and it has, it really has. I have gotten some great feedback to some issues and great support from those of you that relate and who also sympathise which I am forever grateful for. Honestly, I think this absence is a part of my process that I am going through in redirecting my attention from full time mom, to something else. Unfortunately I still haven't figured out what that is but I am definitely still trying to get there. I have been doing some training for my Family Readiness Advisor position, I have gotten to know our FRO pretty well and I have attended some meetings and I think it is going to be a good thing.
What has happened is my husband has hit the ground running with his pre-deployment training which takes him to the field about 80% of his time. And that is fine, this is something I have to find my way through, he can't do it for me and I know I have his support 100%. I am not feeling as sad, which is good. I have had no luck finding a job but if I were to be completely honest I haven't put my whole heart in to finding one. So I am making forward motion to figuring this all out. I am losing weight ..on purpose, and I am working out regularly again. So as you can see..I am moving closer to the new me everyday. I am still a mom, I am still needed, my son is still my baby and I know that will never change. I am in love with my husband, which as odd as that sounds is a great big bonus after 16 years and I am loved back, these are the things I know for sure. So those of you that haven't abandoned my blog, thank you. I am still here.


ines said...

we are still here!!!

USMCWIFE said...

Thanks Ines, your a sweetheart. I know you tagged me a week or so ago and I promise I am going to answer your questions, I have not forgotten and thanks for not forgetting about me =)