THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Friday, July 23, 2010



ines said...


Paula said...

I'm thrilled for you that you have a house and your stuff. That mountain of boxes looks a little daunting. As much I want my stuff, I do not look forward to tackling that hill.
I love the house, it looks great!

Jenifer said...

That looks so familiar :) Have fun unpacking!

USMCWIFE said...

Thanks ladies, the boxes in the garage are about 4 deep not to mention the ones in the houes. I guess this is what 16 years and 4 continents looks like, really time to down size, some of these boxes haven't been looked in for a while, we had an attic in our old house and many of these boxes were there for a while. I can't wait to see what treasures I find!