THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

30 Days of Me Day 26

Day 26--Your Week in Great detail

Really??? Ah come on these are tough..ok so since this is late I will start from a week ago today...
Last Monday--did my morning hike/walk run. Think I went into town, sent out my sons thank you cards for his graduation.
Tuesday-- Did my hike/walk. Went to the commissary, went to the PX and drove my dad into Yucca.
Ok, you get the picture the whole week was a bunch of errands and phone calls and trying desperately to get settled in our new place. This weekend was kind of different we went to Palm Desert on Saturday, it was hot, oh ya and we ran into my hubs new C.O. and his wife and even though they seemed like awesome people, I kind of like to control those types of meetings if you know what I mean. Not after a long day of sweating walking around shopping and melting, but again they were nice enough so it was only slightly awkward. We watched the base fireworks which were really amazing and I have spent the last week picking cactus spurs out of my poor doggies feet. I guess eventually he will learn not to step on the prickly bushes.
Yesterday we spent the day with my cousin Terry, she lives in Vegas and drove down and it was great to see her, looking forward to going to Vegas and hanging out with her, she works at Ceasars so we always have a great time.
Not too much else to report...really it was pretty uneventful which is good but way too much to spell out in great details, I value my readers too much to do that to you all.

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