THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Where is the Media Now???

I just got word that another Marine from my husbands Battalion was killed in Afghanistan. Our Battalion (yes, I say ours) went in with the intial push last year in April and took a lot of hits immediatly out of the gate. And I get that troops die in wars, I really get that. My own father was a Marine and killed in a war. But this week I have been angry, really angry. It started with the "News heard round the world" ..yes, Tiger Woods great apology for being a creepy cheater and it aired on every channel that I get on my television and I get a lot of channels. During his "great apology" I decided to tweet the names of the fallen, in February alone. There were plenty of names to take up the 15-20 minutes that Tiger blabbered on.
What has me so angry is this, Where is the Media? It is like they have forgotten we were at war (yes, again I say we). Since President Obama has sent troops in to Afghanistan the coverage has been next to zero. If you want to find news on the War you have to hit the net, or Twitter or some other resourse but certainly not the MSM. During the last administration if a troop or civilain so much has stubbed their toe it was on breaking news or ticker across the bottom of the page.
So why the silence now? How about the Media start talking about what is important and not turn its back on our service members? Here are the numbers folks for February alone...25 US Troops KIA in Afghanistan this month alone..not to mention almost an equal amoung of Allied forces KIA.
How about the troops killed by their Afghany translator last month? Yes, you heard it right. It didn't even make the MSM.
I am so tired of hearing about all the troop support and family support. The first lady talks about money going to help the families and then what happens, MyCaa gets canked without resume and some "unknown" date.
I don't care what people say about this administration, or the last. I do know this for sure...I feel like our troops are being left on the side of the road and so are we the families...

2 comments: said...

I couldn't believe it that Tigers apology was shown as "breaking news". C'mon!! He probably only apologized to get this sponsored back... You are so right!

USMCWIFE said...

I don't understand the news cycle any longer. I breaks my heart that our bravest Americans are ignored by MSM except when something goes wrong. It is just not right.