THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back From the Great North Murphy's Law be Damned

934th Air Force Airlift Wing

Well we are home finally and I have to say..."It is fantastic to be home." If you follow me on twitter you know that my husband and I had to go on emergency leave to Minn. If you don't follow me here is the break down. Last week my husbands father, who travels the world as a tech rep had to cut short a trip to Africa when he fell off a piece of dredging equipment and broke his heel. In Africa (West) they treated him the only way they could, with Nsaids and sent him on his way. On the flight back his intestine was eaten through by the Nsaids and all their contents leaked into his abdomen. Yes, you guessed it, this in NOT good. Apparently it happened on the plane and when the plane landed in Minn. he was met by an ambulance and taken right to the hospital where they performed emergency surgery. During the surgery he went into kidney failure and of course at this time my husband had to be there. No family at all is in Minn. The company the FIL works for is based there and that is the only reason he goes there. So being it is a school year, and a Senior School year we decided my son could not miss school and since he was driving and leaving for college this would be a great time to see if he could get by on his own.
Well although I struggled with leaving him, a lot, I eventually realized my husband would need my support and off we went to the Great North. So, you have the short of it, FIL is in ICU and we have to go to Minn and leave our 17 year old alone at home for the first time EVER.
(Neighbors have eyes on house and we have other friends on stand by if need be)
So how does that Murphy's Law thing go..oh ya..we didn't even get to Minn and we had a voice Mail from our son, "I left the lights on in the truck and the battery is dead, I am stuck at the school parking lot." PERFECT...gone 4 hours and he is stuck at the school..bad mom, bad dad, I told you so, I shouldn't have left him alone....yadda, yadda, yadda..worse fears...yikes.
So after a panic attack and some well placed phone call, and a really good judgement call on my sons part I have to say....that crisis was averted. So no worries, off to see the FIL. Luckily there is an Air Force Reserve Base with a really nice lodge (thank you twitter friends) close to the hospital. We go see my FIL and he is in bad shape, and we don't know if he will be ok, all they are telling us is he isn't out of the woods and it's tough seeing my hubs hurting about his dad. Anyhow we head back to the lodge and I am trying to spin this into it doesn't have to be all sad, "hey look, at least it is snowing right? Haven't had snow in like 2 years and now we are surrounded by 4 feet of snow in all directions!" Feeling bad now because my son won't see the snow..back to lodge...
So day 3 and son calls, "guess what mom! we got 6 inches of snow last night! Oh ya I am going to the movies in Jacksonville with my friends.." ya, in the snow, that you never driven in, I don't think so..
So now are you getting the gist of the trip, FIL not doing good, left son with great truck and no snow and now that is not the picture I am dealing with..but nothing I can do about it..
Anyhow I am rambling now. The good thing is this, FIL is doing good, doc says he expects a full recovery and we come home. Son is fine, the house is clean and he is in one piece and.....HE MISSED US!
So everything worked out just the end. Thank you all for all the wishes, prayers, good vibes and everything else you sent our way! Lessons learned about life are hard won..


TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I think as mothers we will always worry. Glad it all worked out and glad to hear that your FIL is on the mend :)

USMCWIFE said...

Thank you @armygirlnay that means a lot.