THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Friday, September 3, 2010

Finding My Footing

OK. so it has been a few weeks since we dropped our son off at college and I am slowly but surely finding my footing. It's amazing how much of my time I find myself having these days. My house is always cleaner, there isn't as much laundry or dirty dishes. And not that I minded taking care of those things, it did take up a lot of time. My husband is so supportive. He is like, work, don't work, just be happy. I have been able to talk to him when I am feeling off, like how our house feels a bit cold, and not home like----yet. We need to get things up around our house to make it our home. It's easy in our lifestyle to sometimes get a "squatters" attitude. You know the feeling, "I'm not sure how long we'll be here so why bother?". We have done that before, and really it wasn't the way we should have approached things. It is always better to make your house your home and put things up that make you smile no matter how long your going to be there. I have a lot of reasons to be happy and I am happy, just feeling a bit off my game but I am slowly getting my footing. This past week I was attending training because the SgtMaj is unmarried so he asked me to fill a billet on the Family Readiness Command Team and I accepted. It's a volunteer position but I was going to volunteer regardless so what a great way to be a big part and make a difference than this right! The training was OK, you know how it goes, too much time and could have been shorter but it was just nice to get out, meet some of the other wives and start networking for next year when our guys are forward and I already have people I know here. Next month I am going to sign up for CAX LINKS, which is LINKS training (for the none Marines this is part of our volunteer track training) that is not a classroom traditional links but an actual go out in the field with the Marines and play with all their toys while learning Links! I am so excited, the space is limited but I really hope I get to go. I really do hope to find a job but jobs here are not easy to come by so I will keep looking and until then I will do what I can to stay busy. I am going up to see our son end of September for a family weekend and we are going to a football game, so I am stoked about that..GO ASU! Well until next time folks, hope you enjoy your holiday weekend and all my east coast friends and family, hope you get one day of sunshine...dang Earl.


A Sailor's Wife said...

Glad to hear you're keeping busy, and that volunteer opportunity sounds awesome!

and...Go Fresno St!!

sorry, start of college football season, just had to say it ;)

ines said...

I was thinking about doing the CAX LINKS, because obviously my knowledge is no where near "good". Let me know how it goes!
Glad to hear you are keeping busy :)

USMCWIFE said...

Sailors Wife, have to get ready..but gotta go with our SUNDEVILS!!
Ines, you should do it, its the end of October I heard its a blast.