THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hartings Happening

Well a lot of busy work is going on in the Harting Household. I have been doing some volunteer work since I was appointed our Family Readiness Advisor. We have a new family readiness advisor and she is brand new and trying to navigate her new job. This isn't a job any degree can prepare you for so as per MCCS there is a lot of training for her, and I and all the volunteers. Official Volunteers are appointed by the command and with that comes a lot of training, and honestly it's nice to have a purpose. I am still hoping to get back to work full time. I am finding this a challenge here in 29 Palms. I not sure what you have to do to get an interview here but once I find out I will be happy to let you all know in case you find yourself coming this way! Hubs is busy at work on yet another predeployment work up..lots of hours at work and in the field, he will be gone for about 2 weeks starting next week and will miss family weekend at ASU which is really a bummer but what can you do. He is really busy and I can not wait for the holiday season to have our son home and he has some time off so we can just all be together again.
Michael is doing really well so far in college. He is thriving in ROTC and a matter of fact he is getting his dress whites today and MarPat (he is Marine Option) down at the UofA and I can not wait to see him in his new uniforms. He has decided to minor in Political Science since he seems to love the Global Politics class he took on a fluke. He has also made the ROTC Color Guard so you all might get to catch him on TV if you watch college sports.....GO SUNDEVILS!! We are so proud of our midshipmen. He is having some challenges with his roommates. Seem they came to school to party and that is fine....but when Michael has to get up at 5 a.m. to Pt with his unit it doesn't go over well. I think they are working it out and trying to find a compromise. The good thing is they all like one another and the boys came to his swearing in and they respect his goals but come on, 18 year Michael always was a serious kid with big goals and like my hubs said, he will adjust.
So that is what has been going on in the Harting household..kind of a crazy adjustment, I am still finding myself with too much time on my hands but hopefully that will change soon. Hope all my blogger friends are enjoying the slight weather change wherever you are!! I love fall.


Paula said...

I'm glad to hear you're setting in and finding your place. I'm really sorry to hear about pre-deployment stuff. I know that that leads to. I've always thought it is too badk they have to work so hard on pre-deployment stuff when they're leaving soon anyway.
My daughter is having some of her own roommate issues but like your son, they are all good kids and are trying to work it out. It seems Callie is the only one taking a serious load of classes and needs to study and get up early. I guess this makes them stronger.

USMCWIFE said...

Thanks Paula. Yes, I am not looking forward to yet again him leaving but what can I do. I am just looking forward to the holidays to have my whole family home. Sorry to hear about Callie, I really feel bad for my son and call me crazy but I don't think it is unrealistic for our kids to be able to have some peace and quiet in thier own space..but apparently they have to deal with it..ugh. Anyhow I am hoping as midterms approach and things get reallys serious his roomates will start at least studying once in awhile :)
Hope you are all settled and enjoying being a football mom!

ines said...

Glad to hear that you and your family are doing well.
As for job interviews...well, it took a long time for them to call me. To be honest, I had to double check that I had applied for the job they were interviewing me for. Hopefully you'll hear something soon!