THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Saturday, May 22, 2010


As a military spouse I am no stranger to telling friends, "Good-bye, see you later" and all the ways we spin it when we PCS, or when our friends PCS. Sometimes it is with the knowledge that you may never see one another again, or maybe you will. The Marine Corps is a pretty small community so most of the time you will bump into old friends from time to time and it is always good to see them, always sad to say good-bye. A lot of times my hubs will tell me, "oh guess who I saw on base today?" only to realize it was someone that was just coming through to attend a seminar, a school or some training. One of my best friends in the world (Gail) and I met in Okinawa, we worked together and our husbands were promoted to SSgt on the same board so we introduced them and they became fast friends. I celebrated the birth of her daughter Grace with her, and she celebrated tons of things with me. We left Okinawa at the same time, her to S.C. and me to Spain. We stayed in touch via email, rare phone calls and actual "snail mail" So about 3 years ago imagine my excitement to find out they were coming to the same place we were!! Our hubs have fostered their friendship via deployments, they were briefly together in Iraq in 05 and Afghanistan last year. Gail and I have pulled it together for one another through 4 deployments. This last one was a year tour for her hubs my hubs left after 7 months, and they both were through the crapper on this last one, a bond of brotherhood deeper for it. But long story short, Chris came home and last night we had FUN!! I love how we can just laugh for days when we hang out..he was missed, and the Marine Corps likes to do ...we will be on opposite sides of the country..for now..I will miss the laughter! Keep your friendships in this life, it takes work, don't lose touch with people when you move, you never know when your paths will cross again and you can pick right up where you left off.

Loved the flowers

Me and Gail being ourselves!

Side splitting laughter and "Ugly smile" different than ugly

Chris and Greg...


A Sailor's Wife said...

aww! it's so nice to have a friend like that!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

This last move has been the hardest, the relationships built were different, maybe it's because all of what we had to endure.

I'm so grateful for technology which keeps us close and in some cases helps us reconnect.

We all need a battle buddy!

USMCWIFE said...

Thanks Nadine..ya Gail and me go way back and the Marine Corps is small so we will run into one another again no doubt.