THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy or Fast 2011 ( prefer the fast!)

I hope you all had a great Christmas, from reading your blogs the last few days I think for the most part you all did. We had a wonderful Christmas with our son home. We still have him for another week and we are loving it! He has grown much in the last 5 months and loves college and I am actually happy he misses school a little bit and his friends. We were mostly home but we did go to Arizona for a few days and the hubs and Michael went and video to come when I get them. This Sunday we are going snowboarding. Deployment is looming and like most military families we are trying to jam a much fun as we can while we are all together. Oh deployment how I loathe you, and I refuse to give you a second thought more then I am required too.
So I just want to share a few pics I shot, I have so much to learn about my new camera....but I am going to learn over the next few months.

This is one of my fave ornaments, my son bought it for my hubs one year when he was in Iraq at Christmas. We have a tradition every year where we buy an ornament that represents our year. My son had to do it for his pops.

This is my niece Stella...she is so pretty and well why wouldn't I want to take a pic of her!

My handsome son with his sly grin...tee hee his sweet face !

This photo should have been a tell...look at our son..he was so mad when had to take that kevlar off and he would have slept in it if we would have let him! I put this pic in his year book , his dad took it so I can't take credit.

Oh ya and by the way, in regards to the midwest Tornado...special shout out to my friend and fellow blogger...Armygirlnay. Her street was hit and although her home was spared some of her neighbors on FLW were not so lucky. She did her best to spread the news for information and well..that is how she happy she was ok and her family as well.

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TheAlbrechtSquad said...

I love the ornament! And thank you for the shout is slowly returning back to normal.

So glad you had a great holiday!