THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Facebook Stalking

Do you stalk your kids on facebook? Maybe stalking is too harsh a word, maybe facebook.....checking up? I am a
Friend of my sons on facebook, I get that it is a privilege not to be abused. By that I mean, no facebook scolding like this (left by a good friend of mine on her college age daughters facebook), her daughters status, "1130 at. Night, bored who wants to meet up for some party?". Mom comments " you have class tomorrow and how about hitting the books,". See how that could be a problem? So I take it as a privilege that my son has made me a friend but I often find myself text messaging him about things he says lol. But once in awhile I have the privilege of looking at his facebook and seeing a status update that just amazes me, and this morning was one of those....

Michael H
I grew up on the beaches of Okinawa
In the cities of Europe
and under the Africa Sun
But I matured in the embrace of the Statue of Liberty.

See what I mean....


L.C. said...

The daughter example is exactly the kind of thing my mother does to me. Mind you I'm 23 and MARRIED and she always puts things like that or calls me because she missed a few words in reading my status. For example I posted about how "my heart was breaking for a close family right now" and my mother misread and thought I said "MY heart is breaking for MY family", I spent the next 30 minutes convincing her it had nothing to do with US but someone else. Thank you for not abusing the facebook friend priviledge with your son. I wish my mother was as gracious as you are.

USMCWIFE said...

Sorry your mom monitors your facebook and then makes you explain your posts. I try super hard not too do that. Sometimes I must admit that it can be really hard and I actually lose sleep over some of the things I want to ask him about. But with much self control and trust I let it go because I have to trust that I put a good person out in the world that will do the right thing. Try not to be too hard on your mom, I am sure it is out of love for you that she worries..this mom gig is hard, especially when the birds fly the nest. your avatar photo..very nice.

avgordsuprgddss said...

I do the same thing. I will look at Mykes facebook page but I rarely comment on it. Instead I will send her a message or a text when I have something to say.

USMCWIFE said...

LOL..ya I am with you on that one. It's an interesting dynamic on facebook but I would rather address things with him privately..not on a public forum.

ines said...

hahaha, my mom has FB but barely uses it. I dont think she even knows how to put an update status. lucky for me i joined fb went it had just started out and when i was just graduating college...PHEW!

His quote is AMAZING!!!

USMCWIFE said...

Funny Ines, I have been using Facebook and Myspace since they were Glad your mom doesnt facebook stalk