THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Monday, April 5, 2010

Truth Can Be Stranger Than Fiction

So...I know I blogged about all the drama of our home sale..I know I told you all I was letting the Universe do her thing, I know I told you all we were putting our house back on the market...I know that, I meant that, and I believed that..really I promise, I wasn't making any of this stuff up. I had a terrible Saturday, I came to the realization that our house would sell, but not to this person and not at this was over, as in O-V-E-R over.
I started to smile again, I trusted my hubs when he assured me we would be fine, just a bump in the road and things will turn around all before we leave. I read all the encouraging words from all my well meaning a fabulous friends. And last night I found myself laughing and having fun and believing it all. And than the Universe did her wonderful dance all over about 2130 we get a text message from our Realtor and it was a forward from the "buyer" to her Realtor and it say...FWD: "Hello redacted this is redacted hope you had a great Easter. Tomorrow I should have sometime to come by and sign the papers. And by the way, who do I need to drop the check off with?" ...that was it, out of the blue and after 2 weeks of NOTHING from her..NOTHING..just like that. So of course I acted just the way I always due when I have totally resolved myself to something and it all of a sudden changes, I went in the bathroom and puked my guts out. I know dramatic, but what can I body does not like stress of this magnitude. So today, she really did everything she was asked to do, she went in and signed the last part of the paper work and went by the attorney and produced Verified fund proof. I know..totally insane. All we can chalk it up too is a seriously young person, oblivious to the chaos she was leaving in her wake..due to her inaction for the past 2 weeks.
So really, I am still really worried, I guess I have cause to be, but our Realtor said we needed to relax, she also thinks her Realtor may not have done her part in making sure the buyer really understood the urgency for proper timing and getting things to where they needed to that in a nutshell is the whole last 20 or so hours. I will hopefully be blogging about the end of this in about 14 days! Again thanks to all for keeping me above water!

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HellcatBetty said...

Oh wow!! The naivete is amazing. But I'm glad it looks like things are coming together for you!