THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Friday, June 24, 2011

Say His Name

Yesterday I had the honor to attend the funeral of a young Marine from our Battalion that was KIA on 11 June. His name was LCpl. Jason Daniel "Iron Man" Hill. He loved fishing, running, his friends, and was described as a fierce protector of all who knew and loved him. He was raised by a single father with 2 other brothers, he was the middle child. I would also like to mention his mother Patrice who also is mourning the great loss of her son. As a mother myself this type of loss is unimaginable. I believe Jason found god with the help of his mother and his grandparents. At the end of Jason's service they played a beautiful rendition of the national anthem and we were all blown away by the depth of this song. We found out that Jasons mother had actually recorded it and it was beautiful. His father was a Marine, his older brother is currently serving and was also deployed to Afghanistan when he was notified of his brother being killed and he escorted his brother home. He also has a younger brother who intends to follow in his families footsteps and join the Marine Corps as well.

The Hill men were amazing yesterday, I could see that the loss of this son, brother and friend will leave a huge hole in their lives, but they wanted no one to mistake that Jason died doing what he loved, and what he believed in. His father wanted us all to go speak of Jason, to tell them that he was a hero, that he understood what he was doing, and he chose to do it. He wants everyone to remember men like his out there still, Jason's other brothers. I have to say his father was an incredible man and did everything he could to make us all "know" who his son is and was.

I would say for me the most touching part of the service, there were many, don't get me wrong but the one that resonated with me was when a friend of Jason's spoke and talked about text messaging Jason up until he got on the plane to leave for Afghanistan. She asked him to be careful and he answered her and said, "I am so excited, I am about to go do what I have been waiting my whole life to do."...This was his first Deployment.

The Hill family laid their hero to rest at his final duty station, Point Loma National Cemetery. It was easily one of the most beautiful serene places I had ever seen in my life.

God Speed, Jason Daniel "Iron Man" Hill You will never be forgotten, as long as I have breath in my body I will say your name.


ines said...

i know i keep repeating when i say this, but your battalion is in my thoughts and prayers, as well as this young man and his family.

Rita said...

Will always remember this young Warrior. Will never forget the sacrifice he made for us.