THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally Some "Light"

I know my blog has been a bit of a downer the last few weeks, even maybe months. But deployment and knee surgery has worn on me a bit. Our Battalion is having a rough go of it, and being hobbled since November has not helped my normal "sunshiney demeanor". We still have a bit of a way to go with our deployment, and we are getting through it, together. I have some fantastic ladies in my life, all of us in the same boat. We are getting one another through this, any way we can. But we are and that is what matters. So on to something a bit "lighter".
My knee! So as some of you who follow my blog know I have had a knee issue for awhile, a friend and I decided to go to a spin class the day after Thanksgiving to work off our big meals. During that class I was hurt, I sucked in up for a few weeks hoping it would get better on it's own. It never did, and after a misdiagnosis, and physical therapy I was finally sent to a fantastic orthopedic surgeon in Rancho Mirage who found out the real issue (torn meniscus) and he operated on me and I am now, about 6 weeks out feeling fantastic!
One of the ladies in our battalion started a running/walking club. Until recently I was the limper of the crowd, but I still did it, got myself out there and limped week after week, but really envious of the runners and wanted so badly to join their ranks again. Well about 2 weeks ago I went back, not as a limper but a walker, forward progress that I was happy with. One of the ladies, asked me if I would like to try and walk with her instead of the 2 days a week our club meets, maybe 5. I said, Sure! So we did, first week walking and sometimes running and it felt really good. This week we decided we should start trying to do the C25K program and I happily agreed and we completed our first week yesterday! I have to say it killed me, and at times I thought I was literally going to fall out on the track but I pushed through and did it! My endurance has taken a huge hit, I feel like I may be about 100 years old. And not only that but in 29 Palms it is about 100 degrees 8am in the morning so we moved ourselves to 7am .
Next week we start week 2, I am a little reluctant but determined to just get through it, if it doesn't kill me it will without a doubt make me stronger, and I have lost 12 pounds since my surgery so I am feeling very optimistic about getting back in shape again!
So that is my "light" I can see shining brightly in my tunnel right now. Thank goodness for support networks during deployment and training cycles. Thanks goodness for having a goal to focus on during tough times. I am truly a lucky girl to have such great friends that even when I want to give up on myself they throw up the BS flag and tell me, "not so fast"....THANK YOU.


Marine Wife Unplugged said...

Wow! That's impressive! I've never been a runner and I have no good excuse. I'm lazy and never learned how to run properly. Thank you for this post!

ines said...

you dont need to excuse yourself for your blog going through a downer moment. im really thinking of you and your are all in my thoughts and prayers.
on the good side, CONGRATS! on your achievments!!!!that is amazing. but make sure to take care of yourself!

Dawn said...

Im so proud of you!!!

Michelle said...

You have come so far Heidi! I am inspired by you everyday. You stick it out, you are out there when you are sick, hurt, HOT as all get out...if you can do it anybody can. I miss seeing you at our runs (hopefully it will cool down soon)!

USMCWIFE said...

Thanks Michelle you too inspire me.