THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Some Good and Surprising News to Share!

Well fellow bloggers. I know I have been off line a bit with my blogging. But as usual I promise I am keeping up with all of you and what you are up too. With homecoming, our trip to Slovenia (I promise to post pics soon) and our ball things have been crazy. Well I forgot I didn’t share some super exciting and unexpected news.
Last month we were up in Kingman preparing for our trip to Europe. My hubs and I were at a tattoo parlor (post for another day) when I see my hubs checking his phone for an email (I had heard the notification) . Well as usual I see my hubs looking with interest at the email and was waiting for him to share the email with me for what seemed like a long time. So I asked him, “what is it babe?” I was sure it was bad..he wasn’t sharing and he seemed incredibly pale so I was starting to worry. Again, I asked him, “What is it babe?”. After what seemed like an eternity my hubs came up besides me and laid the cell phone next to me on the bench and just pointed at it. I picked up the phone to see an email from SgtMaj Cochran, Gregs old SgtMaj from our last duty station. And I read the contents, “ Congratulations on your selection to SgtMaj” ........WOWSA.
Now I was in shock, surely this wasn’t right, a joke maybe? Someone with the same name? Just couldn’t be right. The reasons being a few. My hubs was in the below zone for SgtMaj, not just in below zone but way down buried in the below zone. So far down we weren’t even sure if he would be in zone next year. No one ever gets pulled out of the below zone for SgtMaj. at least not that we were aware of. It wasn’t even on our radar this year...we were so out of the loop with looking for this message to come out because we figured there was just no way. Those of you that read my blog and understand, above, zone and below will completely understand our shock.
It took about a whole day of not believing and about 100 congratulatory emails and text before we realized it was true. So I guess this may mean a possible PCS for us, and exciting new adventure. When I met my hubs he was getting ready to go in the Corps and I asked him what he wanted to be, he said he wanted to be a SgtMaj....well babe, you did it. And I could not be prouder.


Renee said...

WOW!! What wonderful news! Congratulations to your husband (and to you!

Mary said...

Happy for you!

TheAlbrechtSquad said...

That is so awesome! I'm super excited for you guys!