THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Friday, November 25, 2011

Marine Corps Birthday Ball 2011

This year our son attended his first Marine Corps Birthday Ball with us. He has just attended his own at school for ROTC but this was his first with us. It was so nice, he came with a lovely young lady who dressed so nice and was so polite, our son has great taste. What I loved was how some of the Marine Corps Officers that were ROTC Midshipmen came up and introduced themselves to him and asked him about his program. Michael was feeling a bit out of place wearing a midshipmen uniform to a Marine Corps Ball but that quickly went away when he felt the camaraderie with other ROTC Alumnae.

This picture was taken at the Caesars bar the night before the ball, we had a great time just sitting there and as we did more and more people were coming to celebrate. Lets just say I drank a bit more then I would have liked but still had the best time.


more, me and my hubs...

This was taken at Shadow Bar after the ball, if you notice I have changed out of my fancy wear since my feet were killing me and I didn’t have any flip flops to put on or I would have, these ladies are the best!

Me, Dawn, and Michelle. These girls were my rock during deployment and well Dawn is being Dawn! LOL

Me and Dawn. Dawn is about 5ft Tall and well I am not..I look like an amazon next to her!

Me and my handsome hubs. He always looks so handsome and he always makes me feel like the prettiest girl in the room.

Some of the Lima ladies with Dawn.

The ball was amazing this year. The room was beautiful and the mood was awesome. We started off the ball with a montage of our fallen, it was a bit hard to swallow and I did my best to hold back the tears but it was hard not to think of those not with us that night. I felt like they were, and I wished more then ever my friend Mary could have been there. She was home awaiting the birth of her son but when Luke flashed on the screen I felt like she was there with us. We also were able to see some of our severely wounded Marines that were able to make it as well. It did my heart good to see the spirit of these young men was not left on a piece of ground in Afghanistan, but it was fully intact and evident in their smiles in that ball room. I know some of them have a long way to go but I have no doubt they will get there. What an amazing night, I love the Darkside and I love that we have these memories forever.