THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Monday, August 22, 2011

Amazing gRACE

Yesterday a group of the wives from our battalion went down to San Diego to be part of the America's Finest Half Marathon. Not all of us were runners, and some of us were but just couldn't run 13 miles for various reasons and some were running. But here is the what we all were doing, no matter if we could run or not, we were going to honor our fallen from our 3/4 family. This day wasn't about running, it wasn't about a single one of us but it was about reminding people that they should remember our fallen, our bravest this country has to offer and to NEVER FORGET. We all wore these fantastic shirts that were made by one of our Darkside Moms and on the back listed in order were our fallen. Our men are still in the fight, and we want to honor them as well. I have to tell you, if you can run, if you can't , whatever your shortcomings or strengths you have a voice, you can remember our fallen and our men still fighting. Put a sign in your front yard, take a marker to your shirt and put some names on it. Pick a name at random from the MANY there are. Take a name from a past war, put it on your facebook status, twitter it. The point is find a way to remember them, to say their name, to let others know them. To NEVER FORGET.







ines said...

that was a great thing you ladies did!

Paula said...

Beautiful! I love this post.

USMCWIFE said...

Thank you ladies, it was an amazing day!