THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Sunday, July 10, 2011


My hubs, he has grown some hair which is so odd to me, I am so used to the bald head. He is under strict orders to return home sans hair..!! This is the first image of him I have seen for months!

Nothing can take away the pride I feel for my husband and his Marines. The Marines of 3rd Battalion 4th Marines rock. And the Marines of 3/4 Lima Co. Well I have an extra soft spot for these guys. They have faced a difficult deployment and they still have a fair amount of time left, but my heart could literally explode when I think of them, of all the 3/4 Marines in general. I think of our families of our wounded, the ones you don't see in the paper, or the news crawls, the ones that have seen their Marines come home missing a body part or nursing a gun shot wound or wounds. Who although their deployment is over, it isn't really because now they are nursing their wounded Marine, and knowing that their Marine wants more then anything to be back in the fight, back with their brothers. And even though they have done their part and their brothers are grateful they are still alive, it is something that will sit with them until they are ALL home. My heart aches for the families of our fallen, how they are dealing with their grief while we are still waiting for our Marines to get home. Are they still waiting? Does that feeling ever go away for them? It's a part of my thoughts every day, at least once maybe twice or more, "how are they doing today?"
I reflect over the first part of this deployment, and how far we still have to go and I am grateful for the friends I have made, some I know will be friends for life, you don't go through this stuff without finding what people are made of, that is for sure. I am so grateful to a handful of ladies that make all this bearable. We have been there for one another and we will continue too. I think some of our husbands will be so surprised to see that some of us are now as close as some of them are, it should make for an awesome Marine Corps Ball this year that is for sure. I just hope everyone is thinking about those still out there. As our current administration spins tales about the draw-down and those of us in the know want so badly to think it is true but know deep inside that it's still a long road for our loved ones. We know that our husbands have not stepped on the sand in Afghanistan for the last time.
Well I started this blog just to show you all my handsome hubs but thought I would write something to go along with it...
Please send your good thoughts to all our Marines of The Darkside.

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