THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Monday, July 18, 2011

It Could Have Been Mine

Our battalion lost another Marine this past week. A young Marine, a LCpl by the name of Christopher Camero. It hasn't made it to the Media yet, but I am sure it will soon. LCpl Camero turned 19 years old this past February, just 3 months older then my son. LCpl Camero graduated from High School last year with the class of 2010. The same year as my son. But this wasn't mine, but it could have been, it hit close to home. My heart goes out to this young mans family, his mother, those he loved. Christopher was from the beautiful Island of Hawaii. I am not sure where he will make his final resting place. I am not sure how he will be honored and remembered but I do know I will never forget this was someones son. Aren't they all someones son? Please remember this young man and say his name.


Day is done, gone the sun
From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
All is well, safely rest
God is near.
Fading light dims the sight
And a star gems the sky, gleaming bright
From afar, drawing near
Falls the night.
Thanks and praise for our days
Neath the sun, neath the stars, neath the sky
As we go, this we know
God is near.


amberlynn said...

This is so beautiful. Thank you.

amberlynn said...

This is beautiful. It's nice to know he's being thought of across the nation. Thanks to your husband and son for serving our country.

Anonymous said...

Chris we're all gonna miss you buddy! but we're all proud of you! you did VERY WELL protecting our country, fighting for what you believe in! Now you deserve to rest in paradise :) after having to go through hell and back just to protect your family, friends, your country you deserve it! :) farewell my friend! i'll see you on the other side!

Anonymous said...

My goodness, how I hold your husband's unit in my prayers with every passing day, and will now hold this young Marines family in them as well. It is such horrible news to see another face, know another name, and know there life is gone too soon. Thank you for bringing PFC Camero to light for all of us to remember. I'm so sorry for this post though.

Kimberley said...

This very young man graduated boot camp with my son, Platoon 3234. He could have been mine, I spoke his name at work today. He was one of my sons "brothers". My heart goes out to his family and friends.

Kimberley Clark

Sarrah said...

Thank you for dedicating a blog entry to my brother... He was a great marine and I'm very glad that people all over are thinking of him, be it strangers, friends, or family.

Anonymous said...

Chris was one of my best friends through boot camp. We talked every week since we became Marines whether through facebook, phone calls, or skype. He was a great man and my personal hero. Thank you for caring and sharing his story.

USMCWIFE said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments and for Christophers friends and family my heart goes out to each and everyone of you. You are family now. We will never forget his sacrifice and now we are here for you.

Rita said...

Thank you for posting about PFC Camero. I am truly sorry for the family's loss. I will be thinking of them in the days & months to come. Another young Hero has sacrificed his life for us and we will never forget.

ines said...

big hugs to you and everyone in the battalion.