THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Cleaning out the house and random thoughts


Today has been busy, cleaning out closets and cleaning out drawers. Ya it isn' I have a tendency to let my mind go other places when doing monotonous chores. So first thought of the day was while I cleaning out the inside of my washing machine since we are including it with the sale of our house, I want a new set and buyers really want a lot, and ya know what..they have the upper hand in this market so ...whatever.
So I am cleaning out my washing machine and I am getting annoyed by all the blue in my washer and dryer and I am thinking to myself, self, " I never seen anything like this before, growing up, in our house..crazy." so it occurs to me how crazy lucky I am to have the blue stains in my washer and dryer. Why you ask? Well it indicates that my son has had new jeans, a lot of new jeans ...and I am happy. Growing up I never really had new jeans, lots of hand me downs and stuff. It may not be the reason that I have blue stains in my stuff but either made me feel grateful cleaning out those stains.
Second random thought. I was dwelling on the whole Harry Reid thing, what he said, not really sure how I feel about it..don't want to really debate it, it is what it is, people will read what they want in to it. What it did make me think about is one of my "pet peeves" the statement "I am not your typical Military wife" I find that statement insulting...kind of like, "he is light skinned with no negro dialect" kind of insulting. Now I know some of you may think ..."this chick is nutsoutofhermind" to make that connection...but I am in my head a lot kind of woman that really spends a lot of time thinking about things. I have been around the military pretty much my whole life, I have seen pretty much everything there is to be seen, and I am pretty confident in my statement, "there is NO typical military wife" Now of course that isn't every ones perspective, just mine...but this is my blog and thought I would share that...ok back to cleaning .....

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