THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Friday, May 13, 2011

5 Weeks

The Poppy is beautiful...

Hubs hooch

Hubs and his CO's racks...

My hubs loves the village kids, look at that face. Who could blame him?

My hubs is tall, as you can see it really makes the living quarters tight for our big American guys...

So happy for the passage of days but even more for the passage of WEEKS! Things are going along well. Picked up the kiddo from college this week, so glad to have him home for the summer. Something very comforting about having your kid (no matter how old they get) under your roof. My hubs ability to communicate with home base has been sporadic. Apparently MCCS has what I call an "Ice Cream Truck" is actually a mobile Exchange with Wi-Fi and when the Marines see it coming they run to it like an Ice Cream truck. I was actually able to skype with my husband for a little bit ... the truck was only there for the day but it was an awesome surprise to see him and see he is ok. He was able to send some photos which I will share, nothing to give anything away, just the general scenery and living conditions. His guys are doing ok. Any good thoughts to send their way would be appreciated. I have to say I like to think of my hubs being on a tropical vacation ... it makes my days go by much easier and less stress induced insomnia.
But this brings me to another thought, sharing information. A few days ago I get a call from one of our wives about an incident she heard about with our Marines concerning wounded and contact with the enemy. She was very upset, and told me another wife had called her telling her all this stuff was happening and I would have bet a weeks pay that the wife was lying, making things up. I of course knew this because I had just talked to my hubs and he looked relaxed, sounded very good and no signs of anything like this happening as of yet, I mean we are expecting it but it hadn't happened yet. So like I always do I draft an email to my hubs and tell him about this craziness his Marines are reporting to their wives. Well low and behold I was replied to by a very upset husband explaining to me that this information doesn't serve any purpose other then to upset us back home and he had explained this to his Marines and the fact that this information is being relayed to the homefront in his words, "is pissing me off". So now I am left in the position to talk to this young wife and explain to her that she shouldn't be sharing this information with the other wives. This is her first deployment and she views deployment through the eyes of a novel, very romantic and starry eyed. Not realistic at all and she is sharing information that other wives do not necessarily want to hear. Ugh, I am sure her husband will not be sharing much information after the tone of my hubs last email. I have spent a lot of time with a lot of the young wives, and new wives and I have to say, I am concerned with their views on deployment and the repercussions of their actions. Have you come across any of this in your encounters during deployment? I realize in the infantry our population is very young, most of the wives are very young and facing first deployments. How have you approached the wife that feels it is her duty to report on all the happenings her husband tells her? How does it make you feel?


Meadowlark said...

A couple of thoughts, even though I'm out of the deployment loop by many, many years...

Much like cops' wives, these young women have their first brush with "importance" through their husbands' lives. If they hear one wife talking about some "action", then they remember (and embellish) a story that has *their* husband being even MORE of a *hero*. And it just snowballs from there. I simply cannot imagine how you could tactfully get this across to some of them. The most effective way is to say "Do you want your husband to lose rank and be in trouble?", but then you're kind of the hard-assed b*tch. Effective, but not so great for you.

I wish you luck, because the rumour mill was around when we were in, and I remember hearing the same stories from my great Aunt who's husband was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. Some things stay the same.

Semper Fi chicklet!

USMCWIFE said...

I am pretty good with the wives and lucky enough to have the confidence of most of them. That is why I was approached about this information. We kind of think this particular spouse thinks it is "exciting" and "fun" to discuss some things us more seasoned wives find troubling and wait to have our men safe and home to find out. I think just a nice reminder of how well denial works for some will be appropriate for her.
Thanks for the nice comment.