THe Harting Family

THe Harting Family

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lovely, Lovely Limbo

Hi Readers...hope you are all still out there. I have been a bad blogger lately. I have been in what I will call Deployment Limbo. A little while back our block leave was recalled and now we are just all sitting around waiting for the call. Due to OPSEC and in order to protect the guilty, I will not elaborate further. I will share with you all a little more once boots are on the ground in some far off exotic (not really exotic) place.
Last week I spent at home with our son on Spring Break. I was awesome having him home and it was a bit of a hard thing for me that he decided to go spend the night in San Diego with his friends but I understood and try really hard not to think of all the horrible things that can happen during Spring Break. Needless to say his friends had him home in the morning in one piece. It was a nice visit and my son was happy to go back to college and I have to admit that makes me very happy. I am really looking forward to summer break.
I did see one of my fave bloggers in the exchange the other day..that made my know who you are!
Well not much going on besides...well..the waiting..and more waiting. Hope all is well with everyone. I am going to go check out what you all been up too lately!
Oh ya and I thought I would share my favorite photo from the Spartan son looks so awesome..


ines said...

*blush* ... i'm glad i made your day :)

btw, i meant to comment on this picture. its absolutely amazing. i love the colors and the way he is not posing for the it!

USMCWIFE said...

Ahh...thanks, it is a great pic..I love it. And yes, it made my day ..always does to see such a lovely person.